Metabolic Pathway Analysis 2011 - the 71st Harden Conference

Was held over 19-23 September 2011 at the University of Chester (UK), generously sponsored by the Biochemical Society as part of their Harden Conference scheme. The meeting has a primary focus on the structural (topological) analysis of metabolic networks, and in particular techniques allied to linear algebra, linear programming and computer modelling. This focus may be applied at many levels of abstraction, from individual reaction mechanisms, through pathways, organelles, whole organisms and, most recently, mixed populations.

In common with previous MPA meetings, one of the major objectives of MPA2011 is to provide time and space to allow delegates to participate in round-table discussions and informal meetings in addition to the plenary sessions. There will be no published proceedings, and it is hoped that this will encourage participants, both in the formal and informal sessions, to present work in progress, and raise speculative ideas and questions for discussion, that would not be possible in a meeting of more conventional format.

Many, but by no means all, of the participants of previous MPA meetings are also active in the International Study Group for Systems Biology (see here and here), whose meetings are held biennially on even years. It is hoped that in future MPA and ISGSB will continue to be held on alternate years, providing a natural counterpoint to one another.

The Biochemical Society's site for the conference can be found here

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